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Unintentional Bias May Impede Effectiveness of Health Apps

The mobile health industry holds significant potential to improve health and wellness, but unintended bias in the algorithms and data that power mHealth apps might limit their effectiveness and uptake, especially for traditionally marginalized communities, according to Heal-gorithms, a new report from CDT.

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CDT Continues to Challenge the FCC to Restore Net Neutrality to America

CDT filed a brief defending American’s net neutrality in Mozilla v. FCC. The brief is part of the first wave of arguments in the litigation challenging the validity of the Commission’s 2017 order “Restoring Internet Freedom,” which removed the strong net neutrality protections put in place by the previous administration’s Open Internet Order. CDT believes both the procedure and substance of the Commission’s efforts to repeal those rules are invalid.

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Is Holocaust Denial Free Speech? Facebook Needs to Be More Transparent

In this editorial for Fortune, Emma Llansó, Director of CDT’s Project on Free Expression, notes that we need better systems in place to determine what stays up and what comes down on social media sites. In particular, tech companies should focus on three areas: transparency, a clear appeals process, and user-empowerment tools.

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Instagram Account That Sought Harassment Tales May Be Unmasked

New York Times: “The reason that people are making these sorts of accounts anonymously is because of the fear of reprisal that they face — that’s a key part of why we have a First Amendment right to anonymous speech,” Emma Llansó said. “On the other hand, defamation and untrue statements that are damaging to people’s reputations are also something our laws protect against.”

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How to read a privacy policy

CDT’s Joe Jerome sits down with Ashley Carman of the Verge to discuss how to read and process a privacy policy quickly while still learning something about how your data is handled.

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